2025 Movement takes the opportunity to showcase North Wales as a conference location

The 2025 Movement, a group of organisations that have joined together to end health inequalities across North Wales by 2025, is leading a drive to raise the profile of North Wales as a major conference venue, challenging the myth that it’s difficult to host a successful conference in the region.

The move builds on the movement’s successful programme of conferences hosted in North Wales over the last 12 months, which have sold out within weeks of registration opening and have had waiting lists of people wanting places.

The 2025 Movement was formed in 2015 in response to figures which showed that people living in areas of higher deprivation in North Wales are likely to live 11 years less than those in other areas. Its membership includes over 500 people and organisations including local authorities, housing associations, Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board and Wrecsam Glyndwr University.

As part of its work, it hosts a programme of events to highlight the challenges of health inequality in North Wales, and to promote the work underway by the Movement to drive forward a new partnership approach to transform health and wellbeing across the region.

In the last year, the 2025 Movement delivered a highly successful social prescribing conference at Theatre Clwyd, which saw over 150 people from across North Wales, wider Wales and North West England join together to debate the role social prescribing can play in delivering long term health improvements by linking residents to non-medical sources of support in their communities.

In April this year, it led another sell out conference of over 100 people at the OpTIC Centre in St Asaph in partnership with Wrecsam Glyndwr University, looking at leadership and learning and exploring how a taught leadership education programme could help all organisations working to tackle health inequalities can work and lead better together to support this agenda.

Clare Budden, Chair of the 2025 Movement and Chief Executive of Pennaf Housing Group, said: “When we launched the 2025 Movement back in 2015, we had a big job to do to raise awareness of the challenges of health inequality, and encourage partners to work together and recognise that we can deliver much more through a collective approach.

“Our programme of conferences has played a vital part in helping us to grow the Movement and influence decision makers across North Wales and more widely. We have been overwhelmed by the success of our programme so far, with events selling out within days, waiting lists of delegates wanting places, and packed out venues where its been standing room only for those that hadn’t registered in advance.

“This is despite the perception across the region that its difficult to host well attended and successful conferences in North Wales. We want to tackle inequality at all levels as part of 2025, and we are committed to demonstrating the opportunities of this region as well as the challenges. I hope we can inspire other organisations to consider the area as a successful conference  location and bring in more events to support our local economy.”

You can watch a round up of the day here

For more information on the 2025 Movement, follow @2025movement on Twitter.


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