First North Wales Social Prescribing Communities of Practice gathering – 25 October in St Asaph

It has been almost year since we met in Theatr Clwyd in Mold for the launch of the ‘Made in North Wales’ approach to social prescribing.

This next half-day gathering of North Wales based social prescribing practitioners from across public, private and third sector will take place on 25 October at The Optic Centre, in St Asaph Business Park.   As well as an opportunity to create a dynamic learning community, this will also provide a link to other Communities of Practice (CoPs) in Wales and also to the all Wales Social Prescribing Research network.    

We know from research undertaken in the last few months that there is a significant amount of ‘Social Prescribing’ activity being delivered across our region and a strong focus from policy, commissioners/funders and public services to deliver a new models to support health and wellbeing.    So, this event will also help to develop a shared platform for learning and connecting across our sector and professional boundaries that enquires how we can be effective in our roles.  People who attend this event will be involved in shaping the North Wales CoP going forward. 

Who is it for?

This gathering is for everyone involved in delivering, commissioning, measuring or working in developing social prescribing across the region from public, private and third sector.


A Community of Practice is a gathering of people with a shared passion in what they do and is an informal way of sharing information and learning.

On the day there will be six 5-minute slots available for people to share quick fire talk, presentation, or slides that set out your story, ideas, challenges, energy, failures, successes and approaches for delivering and supporting models of social prescribing (and other terms) across our region.

Whatever you think is useful to a wider community to learn and share….this is a first come first serve approach and we want to provide as many opportunities as we can to share and learn from each other.

Click through to the booking form to submit your idea – we will look to spread opportunities to speak from across the whole of North Wales (expressions of interest to be received before 11 October please). 


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