This year’s 2025 annual conference brought people together across a broad range of organisations and systems in North Wales with a common goal of addressing homelessness through poor mental health. 

The key themes for the event were to examine:

• How partners can work together to stop losing their homes as a result of poor mental health.

• How we can create connections to address the void that exists across current systems, policy and infrastructure.

• How can we better engage the private rented sector, recognising that not everyone at risk of homelessness and in need of support lives in social housing? 

The event opened with a short but very powerful film highlighting some sobering statistics about homelessness, which set the scene for three thought-provoking keynote presentations from Dr Karen Sankey, CEO, Community Care Collaborative – An overview of the model being developed in Wrexham. • Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive, Crisis – Looking at the work of Crisis and the Welsh Government Homelessness Action Group. • Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive, CHC Wales – Examining how organisations can work in partnership with public services to end evictions into homelessness. 

Conference slides can be accessed HERE and a gallery of images from the conference is below

The post-conference report can be accessed HERE

The call to action from the conference is please read the report, and consider how you and your organisation can continue to work towards tackling homelessness through poor mental health or indeed do things differently and with others.

And let us know on @2025Movement what you are going to be doing in 2020!

Work will also continue to be coordinated through the Wales Homeless Action Group so please do follow their work too.

Finally, we were also fortunate to have our friend John Holmstrom from Turning Tides on the Sussex south-coast send us a film about the work they do and his thoughts on this important topic, which will resonate with many people working to tackle similar issues in seaside towns in North Wales. You can watch his film here

Diolch yn fair yawn ClwydAlyn for sponsoring the event

Event videography & images by Rough Cuts

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